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News Clippings/Biography

                    Arrest Clipping from the L.A. Times
May 1985
TV & Radio News Dubbed Her "High Tech Madam"
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Phoenix News March 1990 (note: Kathleen Mitchell first wrote us when she was in jail in Arizona. 
After her release - she formed a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting there as part of Dignity.)

Milwaukee Journal February 1990  (note: excerpt not in abstract)
However, House's attorney, Sandra Ruffalo, told Landry that House now belonged to Prostitutes Anonymous, an organization that sought to help former ..

Morning Call April 1990 (note: excerpt not in abstract)

An Alcoholics Anonymous spokesman recently speculated that close to 100 programs based ... from Gamblers Anonymous to the more obscure Prostitutes Anonymous ...

Morning Call April 1991 (note: excerpt not in abstract)

The Program for Female Offenders recently began a Prostitutes Anonymous group that meets Thursday evenings at Community Wesleyan Church at 621 Linden St. ...

Chicago Sun Times July 1991
 (note:  this is when a PA meeting was started in Chicago.)

Morning Call April 1993  (note: excerpt not in abstract)

... a Prostitutes Anonymous support group and a PREP program that offers training, study skills development, career and work behavior counseling. ...

USA Today July 1993  (not seen in abstract)

"Former Los Angeles call girl Jody Williams of Prostitutes Anonymous sees a "huge explosion" of serial killers out for prostitutes. ..."

San Diego Union October 1993 (note: quote not in abstract)

Wolfsheimer said the other approach is city-regulated prostitution, with strict drug- and ... social workers and the president of Prostitutes Anonymous...

Toronto Star 1996 (note: quote not in abstract)

She formed a chapter of Prostitutes Anonymous, working with ex-hookers, including girls at a local youth centre. She exorcised inner demons with them. ...

"I would creep to the Prostitutes Anonymous meeting because I didn't want people to know," she said. "But that's who I was. I was a prostitute. ...

Fort Worth Star January 2005  (note: excerpt not in abstract)

After a police raid, she quit the business and started Sex Workers Anonymous to help other women get out. She lives in Las Vegas but says she has helped sex ...

Blade September 2006 (excerpt not in abstract)

He has watched Ms. DeRomano, 40, volunteer countless hours meeting with female inmates at CTF during what she calls "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings, .

Las Vegas Review Journal September 2007 (note: excerpt not in abstract)

Jody Williams, a former prostitute and member of the Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking, agreed. "When women quit prostitution, they ... suffer from a ...


San Antonio Press January 2009  (note:  excerpt not in abstract)

... as Los Angeles' "High Tech Madame" but later started Sex Workers Anonymous, a 12-step program to help prostitutes "free themselves from the business." ...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Click here to see May 1985 news clipping about high profile arrest

Los Angeles Times Article about Prostitutes Anonymous

Unhooking From Hooking Prostitutes Anonymous offers support to
those who want to leave the street and find recovery.
[Valley Edition]
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Date:Oct 29, 1993
Start Page:37
Section:Valley Life; Zones Desk
Text Word Count:729
 Document Text
They meet one night a week in an office building in Van Nuys. Mostly women, they talk about their lives as prostitutes, why it seems so hard to quit and the problems that the lifestyle seems to create: eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, spending addictions and stress.
Started in 1987, Prostitutes Anonymous was created to help others unhook from hooking, says founder Jody Williams, 32, of North Hollywood, once a prostitute and now a paralegal.
The group is a 12-step program, one of many today based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Anyone who has a desire to leave prostitution and find recovery can join.
Prospective members see the PA help line listed in local newspapers and call to find out about it. Some have staked out the building for weeks before going in, wondering if the meeting was a police trap. Others say they no longer care about getting caught; they just want help in getting out.
"How do you go from making $2,000 a day to earning $7 an hour?" Williams says. The group is there to help members adjust to realistic earning expectations as well as deal with the emotional toll.
Williams, who is married to another ex-hooker-the couple have a 2-year-old daughter-says: "I spent five years in prostitution, seeking every kind of help there was."
She insists: "No one understands this business." The best way to get out of prostitution and learn to deal with the problems it leaves in its wake is to be with others who can coach you from their own experience, she says.
Williams started hooking when she was a cocktail waitress in the San Fernando Valley. "I saw a lot of money flying around, and I was seduced."
At first, she saw the work as temporary, an effort at getting financially stabilized. But after a while, Williams realized that she was so damaged, she could not just get up and walk away. "I realized this was not a summer job; I was a whore."
Typically, that is when fear sets in, she says. Prostitutes discover that they are addicted to the lifestyle, and help is hard to find.
Williams says PA members can usually succeed in getting people to stop hooking within two meetings, but it takes about two years in the group before they feel better.
Jaime C. Jameson of Van Nuys, who was once an active member of PA, says the weekly meetings work. "It costs nothing; it's a support system run by ex-prostitutes who have had the same experiences."
She says other organizations offering support groups do not understand the pervasive and long-lasting wounds and the shame that ex-hookers must cope with.
"The years in prostitution leave a legacy, a damage to the self-concept and intimacy problems," Jameson says. It was only by talking and listening to others who had been experiencing the same crises that she could face her situation, she says.
Anne, a 23-year-old Valley woman who once worked for escort agencies, has been in PA for about four months. She joined when she started having frequent nightmares and was miserable in her struggle to quit prostitution.
"The PA members knew how to deal with me; they talked to me directly, and I didn't have to be Miss Polite," she says.
Anne says she tried other groups in her search for help, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, even though she was not a substance abuser. But since she wasn't talking about alcoholism or using cocaine, the members were not listening, she says.
"PA helps me understand that prostitution is a different kind of addiction," she says. "If I didn't have PA, I know I'd be out on the street."
Williams says there are 100,000 PA members in six countries.
For those who are not interested in coming to regular meetings, the organization offers phone and letter support. A book, "Sold Out," by Williams, is available for $20, or $5 for a condensed version.
Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further
reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission.

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